Paul R. Bishop Award in Choral and Vocal Music

Founded in 2018, the Paul R. Bishop Award in Choral and Vocal Music is awarded to a student or students for extraordinary work in the Joint Music Program choirs and Scripps College voice lessons.  The music department’s hope is that students will use the award to further their music education.  This award allows students to take additional voice lessons, participate in a summer music program, purchase music scores, or even put it toward a graduate program in the field.

From 1975 to 2017, Paul Bishop served as the staff performance accompanist for the Scripps College music department and the Joint Music Program of Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd, Pitzer, and Scripps College. A beloved and dedicated member of the community, Bishop sadly passed away in June, 2017. A new award, the Paul R. Bishop Memorial Award in Choral and Vocal Music, commemorates his legacy with the goal of celebrating the exemplary work of choral and vocal music students in the Joint Music Program.

In his 42 years at the College, Bishop played for over 3,000 students in countless lessons, recitals, and concerts. The various choral directors and faculty members relied on Bishop for his ability to coach singers and lead sectionals, and for his vast musical knowledge. Bishop’s repertoire spanned four centuries and many languages, including German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Latin, and English. Many students spent 4-6 hours per week rehearsing with Bishop, so it is no wonder he was able to build strong connections. Generations of students remember Bishop for his dedication and collaboration during their time at the College, remaining in touch even after graduation.

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Recipients of the Paul R. Bishop Award

2018 – Marissa Gee, HMC ’18
2019 – Chenlu (Cindy) Zhu, Scripps ’19
2020 – Leah Nadir, Scripps ’20
2021 – Yuanzhou (Candice) Chen, HMC ’21 and Jessica Torrey, HMC ’21
2022 – Mairead Brownell, Scripps ’22, Thomas Fleming, HMC ’22,
             Tom Chenlian Fu, HMC ’22, Thuy-Linh Le, HMC ’22
2023 – Jeannette Hunker, Scripps ’23
2024 – Larkin Barnard-Bahn, Scripps ’24